The history of Jewel

How did the city of Jewel come about? It all began 640 years ago...

640 years ago:
The first ships from Merne arrive on the peninsula on an exploratory expedition. The explorers befriend the people of Furuuna, who show them the silver mines. They dance together. The explorers leave, promising lifelong friendship between Furuuna and Merne.

639 years ago:
Furuuna is invaded by an army from Merne, led by King Ferdrek the First. The Native Wars begin.

625 years ago:
The port of Dunt is established on the south coast, despite the swamps and fierce opposition from the Furuuna (which appears to be the name of the people as well as the place). A stone arsenal is built on the highest hill.

580 years ago:
The first wave of plague hits Dunt. Several cases of purple fever are recorded.

567 years ago:
The Native Wars end, after a long and bitter struggle. Most of the Furuuna are dead from either fighting or disease. Only a few families are left. Immigration begins from Merne. The first canals are built.

502 years ago:
Back in Merne, Princess Frisia leads an army into battle against Graf von Nagel. While she is gone, her father King Ferdrek III is assassinated.

501 years ago:
The museum is built on Old Arsenal Hill to hide the Place of Remembering.

470 years ago:
The second wave of plague hits Dunt. Purple fever is also on the rise. The first case of bonebreaker disease is recorded. The Beast Wars break out.

451 years ago:
The Beast Wars end. Brizzlehounds, slommerkins, slotters, idlecats and quignogs are declared extinct.

440 years ago:
The third wave of plague hits Dunt. A quignog-fur coat sells for five silver bars.

438 years ago:
There are several outbreaks of purple fever and bonebreaker disease.

400 years ago:
The War of Independence breaks out between the Furuuna colonies and Merne, over excessive taxation and control of the profits from the silver mines. Also in protest against the constant stream of incompetent governors imposed on them by Merne.

370 years ago:
The War of Independence ends. Furuuna gains its independence from Merne and renames itself the Faroon Peninsula. The richest men in Dunt form themselves into a governing Council. The canal system is extended. There are important innovations in glass and metal working.

325 years ago:
The fourth wave of plague begins. All diseases are rife.

235 years ago:
The first Silver War breaks out between the three city states of Dunt, Spoke and Lawe, over who controls the silver deposits. Purple fever and bonebreaker disease approach their peak. Children are particularly affected. There are several cases of rabies.

228 years ago:
The first Silver War ends. Two months later the second Silver War begins. A rabies epidemic breaks out. The first census is carried out. It reveals that more than half of the population of Dunt is made up of drunkards, lunatics, paupers, one-legged ex-soldiers, invalids, prisoners, and orphaned and abandoned children.

220 years ago:
The Year of Despair. The names of the days are changed to reflect all the terrible ways that children are dying. Murderday, Drownday, Woundday, Chokeday, Feverday, Starveday, Smotherday. By the end of the year, only five children are left in the whole of Dunt. The heroes who save those children become the first Blessed Guardians.

219 years ago:
The Funeral Riots force the Council to make peace with Spoke and Lawe. Gutters are covered over. All animals are driven out of the city. Levees are built around the bay to reduce flooding. Marshes are drained and canals cleaned.

218 years ago:
The Responsible Adult Act passes into law. Investigation by a few honest citizens reveals that the members of the ruling Council have been stealing money from the city treasury for years. The Council is disbanded and the first Grand Protector appointed. Canals are fenced. All animals and birds are banned from city. The Vacant Block Act passes into law.

208 years ago:
The Blessed Guardian system is formalised and the first Fugleman elected, to become the representative on earth of the Seven Gods. Dunt becomes famous for its silverware. The last child death is recorded.

206 years ago:
Dunt changes its name to Jewel.


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