The books

'I enjoyed this book immensly! Wonderful plot, full of twists and turns with danger and exitement lurking around each corner! Brilliant book.' Olivia, 17

'I think it is a must read for all people who like mysterious and imaginative stories. The museum is full of adventures and exciting surprises. There were many great points but one thing that wasn't so good was some parts were drawn out, for example the separation day in chapter two.' Gemma, 11

'I really enjoyed Museum of Thieves. It was very easy to read and each chapter left me wanting more! I've shared it with a few of the students in my class and they have all asked me the same question, "When's the next one coming out?". Lian Tanner has obviously written this book for the enjoyment of children, but I think there is a much wider audience for this book ... Don't keep us waiting too long for the next installment! The best children's book I've read and enjoyed in a long time!' Jocelyn

'I loved the idea of impatience being a sin and boldness a crime. Exciting new ideas for fantasy readers, a great female heroine and I loved Broo the dog. The Museum of Thieves was a great place and I loved the three methods of concealment.' Indrani

'I enjoyed The Keepers very much it was action packed fast moving from begninning to end and full of unexpected twists and turns, I could really identify with Goldie the main character and I can’t wait for the second book to be released next year to find out what happens next ... I want the sequel now :)' Bella, 12

'Opening The Keepers is like taking the first step on an amazing adventure into a fantasy world ... Lian Tanner weaves the city of Jewel with a pen dipped in magic, and ... her writing takes after Diana Wynne Jones, in that a captivating storyline, fantastical universes and magical abilities are intertwined!' Tina



Goldie & Broo